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Tradition inspires a sense of pride...but greatness comes from vision. For three generations the McDougalls have created a family within our company in which experience is nurtured, employees are invested in and vision is honored. The result is over 70 years of pioneering products, services and solutions within our industries…and our work speaks for itself.

We are an industrial and architectural metal contractor specializing in custom sheet metal fabrication and exterior wall panel systems such as aluminum composite material. Our main office and production facilities are located in Nashville, Tennessee, centrally positioned to a majority of the markets in the United States. Setting ourselves apart with our cutting edge products and processes, our commitment is to superior customer service as we continue to build our core business into the 21st century.

 To learn more about our company and commitment to quality, take a look at some of our past architectural and industrial project photos, many of which you will recognize, or see some of our customer testimonials

John W. McDougall Company, Inc.
3731 Amy Lynn Drive
Nashville, TN 37218
Phone (615) 321-3900
Fax (615) 329-9069


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